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Intention Of Methodology Series: Photography And Drawing

Methodology n. …A system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity.


Photography acts as a vehicle for me to encompass my perception of the physical world. It also prompts awareness of the importance of composition through the notion of selecting and editing specific subject matter that interests me. Apart from that, the experience of perceiving (photography) and thinking about these structures acts as a catalyst to different methodologies such as drawing, printmaking and sculpture.


While photography was used to capture an explicit representation of my perception, drawing provides a more personal and abstract approach of portraying my thoughts, response and experience towards my interaction between the man-made structures and myself.

An image is defined as a representation of the external form. By referring to the images captured via photography, I strive to uncover the internal forms within the images through drawing.

My intention in drawing is not to portray a direct representation or depiction of the structures but is rather to realize the different experiences generated by them.

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