Noun: An indication of the existence of something. When there is trace, there will be existence.


There they go ; Weaving in and out of my memories. A reminder of the past ; Guiding lights of the present that leads to the unknown future ; Silhouettes.

The Bristol Print Centre

It all began with curiosity. The smudges of black ink on people’s hands and faces, constant groans of fatigue by both staff and student sparked an interest in me of wanting to know the process even more. It is this place where countless hours of hard labour (of love, of course), personal triumphs, ‘gentle’ frustrations and sometimes heartbreak, sweat, tears, blood (literally) materialize. Through this place, knowledge was exchanged, new friendships were formed and priceless experiences were gained. It was truly a blessing and privilege being able to develop my practice through the support of dedicated technicians: Dave, Phil, Gilly, Jon and Frea. Thank you.

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